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Coordinate when to go into the office vs when to work from home in only 15 seconds per week

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How does Hybrid Hero work?

Stop using shared calendars, group texts, and e-mail to figure out who's coming into the office. Our simple Status Grid lets you input your schedule and see what others on your team are planning - all in one visual.

1. Set Your Status

Let your team know if you're planning to be On-Site, Remote, Undecided, or taking the day off. Set your status for any future week.

2. Join One or More Groups

Create or join as many groups as you want. Have a group for your team, a project, an affinity network, etc. Then filter to just the group(s) you want to see.

3. See Who's Coming In

See a list of everyone's status based on the group(s) you've filtered down to and remember to update your status to Remote if you see that your boss will be in the office. :-)

Get Notified When it Matters

We know you have a lot going on. That's why you can optionally push reminders and notifications to your phone and e-mail inbox. Hybrid Hero isn't an app that you need to constantly check on.

Text Message Reminders

We'll optionally send you a text message if you haven't yet entered your status for the following week. We all need gentle reminders sometimes.

E-mail Reminders

Get a weekly e-mail notification if you haven't yet filled out your status for the upcoming week.
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Start Your Journey

Be a Hybrid-First


Help people make informed choices about when they want to come into the office. Ensure people aren't wasting their time if the rest of their team won't be there.

Invite Coworkers

Invite the rest of your team to join Hybrid Hero with the click of a button.

Unlimited Groups

Have as many groups as you want. One for your core team and another for a cross-functional team.

Text & Email Reminders

Get an optional reminder via text message or e-mail if you have not set your status for the upcoming week.

All-in-one Status Grid

Set your status and view everyone else's status in one elegant visual.

Device Agnostic

Access the app on any device through your browser on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Enterprise Ready

If you need API access to the app or data send us an email to discuss pricing.
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Hybrid Hero is a free app that lets people see what days their co-workers plan on going into the office. Hybrid Hero replaces the group texts, email chains, and shared calendars that have frustrated workers throughout the pandemic.