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Become a hybrid-first org.

Empower your team to make the best decision for themselves on whether to work remotely or come into the office.

Hybrid First Work Environment

Becoming a hybrid-first company means trusting your people to balance their personal and professional priorities. Hybrid Hero makes sure that teams can seamlessly coordinate their plans.

Spencer Siegel, Co-Founder at Hybrid Hero

On a mission to put employee needs at the center

We provide software that helps organizations become a hybrid-first work environment ensuring the safety, well-being, satisfaction, and collaboration of their people.

For most companies it's not going to be a choice of fully working from home or entirely going back to the office. It is going to be a hybrid approach. The problem is that until Hybrid Hero we have had a complete lack of tools that help teams coordinate when they should go into the office.

Most employees will say they are willing to go into the office some of the time so long as the people they work directly with will also be in the office on those days. Hybrid Hero makes sure that people don't waste their time in the office when the rest of their team is working remotely.

Meet our team

Our diverse and talented team has an unrivaled enthusiasm for building the best products for our consumers.