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What is the purpose of Hybrid Hero? What problem are you trying to solve?
We want to make it extremely easy for people to figure out who else is coming into the office on a given day. We want to help people coordinate their in-person days to enable collaboration and ensure people don't come into the office when the rest of their team is working from home.
How does Hybrid Hero work?
Our approach involves 3 easy steps. First, you set your status for a given week. You can either set the day as, "On Site", "Undecided", "Remote", or "Day Off". Second, you can filter to one or more of your groups (you might have a group for your direct reports, another for a project, and yet another for an affinity network). Third, you can see who's coming in on what days. From there you can coordinate with others to figure out whether its worth coming into the office or not.
How do you make money? Is this really free?
Yes, Hybrid Hero is really free. No strings attached. As a startup we currently do not make any revenue. Our only goal right now is to build the best application possible and meet the needs of our users. If our app gets enough traction we intend to add "Pro" features in the future that would generate revenue.
What are the text and e-mail reminders?
We optionally send text message and/or e-mail reminders on Thursday morning if you still haven't updated your status for the following week.
What is a group and how does it work?
A group is just a collection of individual users who want to know one another's status. The only way to see the status of other people is by creating or joining a group. You'll only be allowed to see the status of people in your groups. Anyone can create a group. As a group admin you can add/remove users and assign others as additional admins. You must be in at least one group for Hybrid Hero to be useful.
Does Hybrid Hero support multiple locations?
We do not currently have the concept of locations in our application. Hybrid Hero is currently designed for individuals that work out of a single office location (which is the vast majority of office workers). If locations are important to your business need, reach out and let us know. We can consider prioritizing this on our backlog if there is enough demand for the functionality.
Do you plan on charging for Hybrid Hero in the future?
We do not currently plan to charge for the base service. As we grow we will likely introduce "Pro" features that do have a charge. We intend to keep the base service free forever.
How is Hybrid Hero different than other solutions in the market?
Every other solution in the market is focused on companies. We're focused on individuals. Other solutions require that you buy expensive licenses just to get started. Our model is different. We believe that the base service should be free so that you can coordinate your work plans with your entire team without having to convince your organization to pay for the service. We may eventually introduce premium features, but we're committed to keeping the base service free so that individuals aren't hamstrung by the purchasing decisions of their organization.