Getting Started Guide

A quick primer on how Hybrid Hero works and what to do

How It Works

Hybrid Hero lets you see whether other people in your office are planning on coming in or not. We make this happen with just 3 easy steps.


Input Your Schedule Each Week

Specify what days you plan on coming into the office (choose On-Site, Remote, Undecided, or Day Off for each day in a week).


Your Groups See Your Status

Your hybrid work schedule will be visible to any other user that is in the same group(s) as you.


You Can View Others' Status

You can see who else will be in the office on what days. Then go ahead and adjust your own schedule accordingly.

Steps To Get Started

We think that Hybrid Hero is pretty easy to use but you can find some of the key steps to get started below. Also feel free to just play around with the app to get oriented. There isn't anything you can't undo.

Create or Join a Group

Being part of a group means that anyone else in that group can see what days you plan on coming into the office vs what days you plan to stay home. You can see the same information for everyone else in the group.

Create a Group

Go to the Groups page to create a new group. You will then become the admin. This gives you permission to invite others to the group and assign other members as additional admins.

Join a Group

There are 3 ways to join a group. Have the admin add you (this will show up in your pending invites). Get a special URL from the admin. Or get a invite code from an admin and use this when you click "Join a Group" on the Groups page.

Set Your Schedule

This is the main functionality of the app. You set your schedule for each day of the week (and upcoming weeks) with whether you plan to work from home or come into the office.

Choose a Status

Let everyone know your plans for upcoming weeks by selecting a status of On-Site, Undecided, Remote, or Day Off for each day of the week.

Change Your Status

Switch your status from Undecided to On-Site if your plans change or if you notice that a good chunk of your team will be in person.
Set Your Schedule in the App

Viewing Others' Status

It's super easy to check out the status of your co-workers. In fact, you do this on the same exact screen where you enter your own status. Just expand one or more of the days and it will show you everyone's status for each day.

Filter to a Group

It is probably more useful to just look at the status of one group at a time. Use the filter in the top-right corner of the page to limit your selection down to the group(s) you want to see.

View Future Weeks

By default you will be shown the current week. But glance ahead to see everyone's status for future weeks. Just use the Next Week button or the calendar picker.

Get Reminders

We can send you an SMS text message or e-mail on Thursdays at 9am if you haven't filled out your status for the following week yet. This gentle reminder will ensure that you and your team keep your status up-to-date. And it's totally optional.

Text Message Reminder

Go into your profile and opt-in to receive text messages. We will only send 1 text message per week (Thursdays at 9am). And you won't even receive it if you've already filled in your status for the following week.

E-mail Reminder

Just like text reminders, you can opt-in to receive a Thursday morning reminder if you have not yet filled out your status for the upcoming week. Go to the bottom of your profile page to opt-in.
Get Email and Text Reminders
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