Hybrid Work Principles

Mindsets to Guide Your Approach to Hybrid Work

At Hybrid Hero we recommend putting in place a set of principles that guide your approach to hybrid work. Here are 6 principles that we recommend. Feel free to use them as-is, edit them, or use them as inspiration for your own principles.

1. One Size Does Not Fit All

Every organization is different and is going to need to approach hybrid work differently. This means that you shouldn't take anything you read about hybrid work as a hard and fast rule that you must abide by (including everything on our website). Instead, you should use what you read as inspiration to create a hybrid policy that works best for your organization, your needs, and your people. This also means empowering different departments and managers to tailor guidelines for the needs of their specific functions and teams.

2. Evaluate Performance Based on Results

It is important how you evaluate your people in a hybrid-first environment. You need to acknowledge that your team will flex their hours to balance their personal and professional obligations. It's less important that your people put in 8 hours per day (or 40hrs per week) and more important that they meet or exceed expectations. If you find that your team is consistently working less than what you're paying them for, then that is an indication you've set the bar too low in terms of the results you expect.

3. Operate With a Growth Mindset

Embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, see effort as a path to mastery, learn from criticism, and find inspiration in the success of others. This approach will help build a culture of achievement and give your team the feeling that they are in control of their destiny. Having a growth mindset has always been important. But in an era of hybrid work it's important to be deliberate about building this mentality in your team since you won't have as many opportunities to prevent deterministic views of the world than when we primarily worked with each other in person.

4. Invest in the Right Technology to Enable Collaboration

You have the opportunity to save a lot of money with a shift to hybrid work (facilities costs, food for team meetings, etc) but you'll find that you might need to re-invest these savings into technology so that your team can work seamlessly while remote. This may include things like video conferencing licensing, IT infrastructure, cloud services, etc. Fortunately, Hybrid Hero's base service is completely free and can help your team figure out who will be in the office on which days.

Hybrid Hero helps us coordinate who is coming into the office on what days. It means that my team is not sitting around the office doing the same thing they could have done at home.

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5. Prioritize the Health & Safety of Your People Above All Else

Nothing else really matters if your team isn't healthy (both mentally and physically). You'll lose top talent if they feel like working for your organization is too mentally taxing or physically unsafe. Give your team the flexibility to balance the needs of the business and their personal well-being. Also stay up to date with local laws and regulations regarding workplace safety.

6. Commitment to Learn and Evolve

Don't just say that you want your team's feedback. Create an explicit process where you can do sensing with your team and figure out how they really feel. Make sure you build a culture where everyone knows there aren't any repercussions for openly sharing their thoughts and ideas. Then use the information you gather to inform your principles and policies. Make sure your team sees the connection between the feedback you received and the policies you ended up making.

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