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Check out an example Hybrid HR Policy that can adopt as-is or use it as a template to jump-start the creation of your own hybrid work policy.

Why Do You Need a Hybrid Work Policy?

Hybrid work means different things to different people. It's important to set clear expectations with your organization of what hybrid work means in the context of your business. This will help employees know what is permitted. It will also help provide some level of standardization across the organization as opposed to leaving every detail up to the individual manager.

Start of Sample Policy

Maestro & Co Hybrid Work Policy

I. Purpose of Policy

This document explains Maestro & Co's hybrid work policy that team members are expected to follow. This policy will evolve as the needs of our team and business change. This policy is effective as of May 1, 2021.

II. Executive Summary

Prior to the pandemic Maestro & Co was primarily an office-centric work environment. COVID-19 forced us to shift to remote work to keep our team safe while still running the business. We've learned that remote work isn't just possible; it can also be more productive and beneficial to our employees.

As we get back to a “new normal” we recognize that we shouldn't just go back to the old ways of getting things done. This policy document outlines Maestro & Co's expectations regarding hybrid work and formalizes some of the practices we've adopted during the pandemic.

As a result, Maestro & Co is formally becoming a hybrid-first company where our principles and policies will be aligned with both our business needs and the flexibility our employees need. We're committed to adapting and changing our hybrid policy as needed based on data, feedback, and business needs.

We encourage you to reach out to your manager or HR with any questions, concerns, or feedback. We can't promise that we'll get everything right on day one, but we do promise to remain consistent with our hybrid-first principles.

III. Eligibility

All office-based employees are eligible for hybrid work. The organization may require employees to come into the office for certain events, training, or meetings. Specific arrangements for an employees' remote work schedule should be coordinated with their manager. If an office-based employee wants to transition to a permanent remote working arrangement they need to request this through their HR manager. Eligibility for permanent remote work will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

IV. Role of the Workplace

The office has been re-designed to meet the needs of a hybrid-first environment. The following changes have been made:

  • Added video conferencing technology to every meeting room.
  • More common space to facilitate collaboration and socialization.
  • Mobile TVs that can be used as an additional screen in meeting rooms or common areas.
  • Dedicated desks will only be assigned on request and subject to availability. Employees that have a dedicated desk are expected to primarily work from the office. Remaining desks have been converted to drop-ins that have an external monitor and keyboard.

V. Hybrid-First Principles

Determine if your hybrid work policy will change how you recruit or retain talent. Will you allow fully remote employees? How does it fit into the talent strategy?

  1. One size does not fit all - Make sure that our policies and expectations are tailored to the needs of our organization and people
  2. Evaluate performance based on results - Success is measured based on if we're meeting or exceeding expectations; not by tracking hours worked
  3. Operate with a growth mindset - Embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, see effort as a path to mastery, learn from criticism, and find inspiration in the success of others
  4. Invest in the right technology to enable collaboration - Ensure that our technology minimizes the friction of getting work done remotely
  5. Prioritize the health and safety of your people above all else - Create policies that protect our people since the organization cannot exist without them
  6. Commitment to learn and evolve - Acknowledge that we live in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment and that our hybrid policies should adapt as needed

VI. Workplace Safety Protocols

  • All employees are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated. Employees that are not vaccinated must take a weekly COVID-19 test (at their own cost).
  • When team members arrive at the workplace they must check-in, take their temperature, screen for symptoms, and if not vaccinated they must put on a mask that completely covers their nose and mouth.
  • If team members feel sick, or someone in their household is sick, they should not come into the workplace.
  • If team members have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (or have tested positive themselves) they should not come into the office until they have had 2 negative tests at least 24 hours apart.
  • Maestro & Co has enhanced its cleaning procedures but is also asking that team members “clean as they go.” Every meeting room is equipped with hand sanitizer and surface wipes. Team members should wipe down any surfaces after they have used a space.

VII. Computer Hardware and Software

Maestro & Co will provide employees with a laptop, mouse, and headset that can be used both in the office and remotely. External monitors and other equipment will not be provided unless required for a documented medical accommodation.

Maestro & Co will install a VPN and company-required software (which may include productivity analytics software). All information collected and stored on any company owned device is company property.

Employees are expected to keep their hardware in a safe and clean environment and follow all information security policies.

VII. Decision Rights Matrix

We acknowledge that this Hybrid Work Policy may not be viable for all teams in the organization. As a result, we've empowered departments and individual managers to adjust certain policies for their specific teams. The following table outlines which policies are universal across the organization, can be variable by department, or can be set between a manager and direct report.

PolicyRequirement / RecommendationOrg WideBy DeptBy Manager
Core working hoursEmployees should be available for meetings between 10am and 2pm local time Monday through Friday.
Frequency of coming into the officeEmployees should come into the office 1 day per week at their discretion.
Remote workThere is no limit on the number of days employees can work from home. Employees may work remotely (away from their home) up to 4 weeks per year.
Flex timeEmployees have the option to flex their non-core working hours within a week. Employees should generally not flex hours across weeks.
Home office subsidiesMaestro & Co will provide employees a $40 per month stipend.
Workplace safety protocolsSee details in section above.
Hybrid work principlesSee details in section above.
Vaccine requirementsMaestro & Co is encouraging all employees to get fully vaccinated (including any recommended boosters). Employees that are not vaccinated must submit to weekly testing at their own cost.
Mask requirementsMasks are not required for employees that are fully vaccinated. All others must wear masks 100% of the time.
Required days in officeThe company may require employees to come into the office for certain meetings, events, or training.
Communicate intent to come into the officeTeams are encouraged to use Hybrid Hero to coordinate what days they plan to work in the office.
ResponsivenessThe company expects employees to be available during core working hours. Employees should work with their manager on communication expectations for their role and team.

IX. Remote Work vs Working From Home

There is no company limit on how often an employee may work from home throughout the year. The frequency of working from home should be aligned between the employee and the manager.

Employees are permitted to work remotely for up to 4 weeks per year (does not need to be taken at the same time). Employees that wish to work remotely for longer than this must get approval from their HR manager as it may have tax and/or compensation implications. Compensation is based on the local market that an employee is based.

X. Hybrid Work Expenses

Employees are responsible for all expenses related to working remotely including office supplies, internet service, printing, and office furniture. Maestro & Co will provide each employee with a $40 monthly stipend to cover home office expenses.

End of Sample Policy


Hybrid Hero does not assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this policy. This policy template is meant to provide general guidelines and should be used as a reference document only. It may not take into account all relevant local, state or federal laws and is not a legal document. We strongly advise consulting legal counsel or a certified consultant before implementing policies in any organization.

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